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"wen gum gum's painting, when viewed from a distance, appears to be very clean, but upon closer inspection, one would discover its rather dirty aspect, evoking a metropolitan beauty reminiscent of France, yet at the same time, it carries a distinctly gritty and grimy texture."

- a visitor comment in August 2023

「wen gum gum的畫,從遠處看,顯得很乾淨,但仔細一看,卻發現它相當臟的一面,讓人想起法國的都市美感,但同時又帶著明顯的砂礫和污垢的質感。」


- 2023年8月一段來訪者的評論


Of Mice and Women  • 老鼠並不笨

Exhibition dates|7.15 - 8.05 (Sat)

Opening Hours | 2 - 7 PM  (closed on Sun and Mon)

Exhibition venue|BACK_Y

(No. 66, Xinming Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan) 

Opening Party|2023.7.15 (Sat.) 3PM


日期|7.15 - 8.05(六)




2023 "Of Mice and Women" wen gum gum solo exhibition works map.png

Intro | Sketchmice’s Speaking

引言 | 即使願意我也無能為力

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