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"That's why you've been half a mother to me

as long as I can remember."


mini sRGB08160759.jpg
風暴  green storm. 2023
疊置  overlap. 2023
mini sRGB08155109.jpg
隻身  alone. 2023
mini sRGB08174701.jpg
四種步伐  four tones. 2023
mini sRGB08163236.jpg
無根 no roots. 2023
mini sRGB08180100.jpg
一體 lean on me. 2023
人塔II castell II. 2023
犬視 dog eye. 2023
注目 gaze begun. 2023
苦境 inferno. 2023
無身體 bodiless. 2023

By means of those gender-ambiguous and deliberately confusing characters in the paintings, paired with a transgressive yet carefree aggressiveness, I project alternative ideas of body image and gender boundary into the mainstream vision.

人塔 castell. 2022
金淋浴 golden shower. 2022
初次見面 strangers. 2022
舉與養 adoption. 2022
教練 coach. 2022
火瓶ll fire juggling ll. 2022
母親 mother. 2022
喇叭漫步 flared ramblers. 2020
賦予遺忘 the gift. 2022
光迎 willkommen. 2022
停留 bleiben. 2022

As I am constantly attracted by restless images in front of my eyes, I pick them up and paint them; lured by garbage paper fragments on the ground, I stop my busy hands to sort out the layered information that arouse and trouble me at the same time.

女士 lady. 2016
雙人 twins. 2016
火瓶 fire juggling. 2016
衝出屠人島 run! baby run. 2016
腿的戀人 leg lover. 2018
變裝皇后 queen after dressing up. 2017
蜜蜂美眉 darling bees. 2016
過分交疊 overlapping 2017
慾火兄弟 firefighter 2016
拍摑 slap. 2015
陪伴 begleiten 2019
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