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"Time freezes, and the mental image becomes three-dimensional. All of the bodies and hands vanish, and the head is directly attached at the pelvis, connecting to the legs. For some, this might be a nightmare, yet simultaneously, it's a dream filled with nudity and fetish elements—a combination that elicits extreme resistance and desire at the same time."

- Kevin You Singgan comment in August 2023



- 2022年11月摘自游承彥的評論


Good Will Hunting   善的意志會狩獵

Exhibition dates|5.21 - 06.18 (Sat)

Opening Hours | 11:00AM to 7:00PM  (closed on Sun and Mon.)

Exhibition venue|Frees Art Space

Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Section 3, Xinsheng N Rd, No.82.B1

Artist Talk with Kevin You|2022.06.11 (Sat.) 17:00



< 善的意志會狩獵 >  溫佳寧個展

日期|5.21 - 06.18(六)



座談時間| 06.11(六)下午5時|與談人:游承彥

2022 wen gum gum's solo exhibition at FreeSArt space.png
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