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藝術家/溫佳寧/溫金金/artist/Wen Gum Gum


Wen Chia Ning ​ 溫佳寧 /  wen gum gum 溫金金 / Duckcrow



​Lives and works in Taipei.

wen gum gum is specialized in painting, audio-visual, visual design and interactive installations. As a creator of the visual arts field, she remain highly sensitive to political and gender issues. In particular, her observation focuses on how the media manipulates public ideology and transmits messages through the use of visual images.

gum uses the image as a tool for self-introspection and outlets, interweaving inner spirituality, the world, and the internet, with absurdity as an inevitable adornment to the process of making the work. She is concerned with the way in which mass media portrays characters, particularly in relation to the narrowing of gender roles.

- MFA, Taipei National University of the Arts 

BFA, Taipei National University of the Arts

Solo Exhibitions

2022 Good Will hunting, @freesartspace, Taipei

2017 The Love Mirage @Telling Art Taipei

Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 Tokyo Art Book Fair, @Museum of Contemporary Art. Tokyo

2022 Framed:Wormhole,@Wartsaal Wipkingen, Zürich/@DAC. Taipei

2022 Drive My Car, @The Hall. Taipei

2022 Tshài-tshī kín-á, opaltimes. Osaka

2021 Tokyo Art Book Fair, @Museum of Contemporary Art. Tokyo

2020 Merzakademie Öffentliche Ausstellung @Merz Akademie. Stuttgart, Germany



Windy Itchy @YIRI ARTS. Taiwan

Repeat, Reverse and Rubbing @Taipei City Arts Promotion Office. Taipei, Taiwan

Stage pain @Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo. Taiwan



NY Art Book Fair 2018 @MoMA PS1, USA

Xuan Guang Project 10th @Artland Bookstore. Taipei

Love Your Time - NY debut, Live with DMNDR & Duckcrow @DMNDR NY. USA
Hananoana - Gardening. T-shirt collabration debut. Tokyo, Japan
Taipei Art Book Fair @Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Taipei, Taiwan

Time Capsule - Selected Works Exhibition @Telling Art. Taipei, Taiwan

ArTFaG tour Final @Pipe Live music. Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei Art Book Fair @Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Taipei, Taiwan
Break off  Art Book Fair @Alone. Taichung, Taiwan
Asia Subculture Association presents: 1st Subculture Graduate Exhibition @Cafe Hillywood. Hong Kong

Fuse x Gravitation x ___ Bang! @TNUA. Taipei, Taiwan 
Luxing Jie Leyuan @TNUA. Taipei, Taiwan 
Mini Exhibition-Mountain Movement @Huaboo. Taipei, Taiwan


Xuan Guang  Project 9th @ArtHouse. Taipei, Taiwan
Bao Bei Lai Lai Live with Jimmy James & Duckcrow @Revolver. Taipei, Taiwan
On Site Artfest - Visual @Expo Dome. Taipei, Taiwan
Xanadu Project II – A Place Without Boundaries @TC YACHT. Taipei, Taiwan 


Xi-Zhan, 29th Exhibition of Fine Arts Department @Underground Museum. Taipei, Taiwan

Love is Rice, Class Exhibition of 102nd BFA Program @Underground Museum. Taipei, Taiwan

Good Good|Group Exhibition @Underground Art Museum. Taipei, Taiwan
That Exhibition|What?! You Are Magical Girl too?! @Small place for performances. Taipei, Taiwan
Really Really Really A-Zai @8 & 1/2 Art Space. Taipei, Taiwan


2022 Kevin You, Hunting Season for Bodiless Women, ARTalks

2019 Cai Ruei Heng, Windy Itchy, YIRI ARTS


2020  Scholarship of Ministry of Education. Taiwan

2018  NY Lottery - Youth Development Administration. Ministry of Education

2016  Xuan Guang Project 9th, Xuan Guang Award
2016  AAD Outstanding Illustration Artists in Asia
2015  Pan Long Art Scholarship

Publication Projects

2022 Barbarian: Katalog von t-shirt 

2022 Depressed Cart

2022  Song Book: Crabenhagen

2020  Respawn 重生, Krazy 瘋狂瞬間膠, Camp A 坎普A

2018  Duckcrow Hypermarket
2017  Happy Magazine
2016  Love Your Time 



2015-2017  Underground Art Museum. Taipei, Taiwan

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