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Love Is You | VR Show Time
VR glasses, mobile phone, poster
Love Is You | VR Show Time  2018 
VR glasses, mobile phone, poster


      <Love Is You> is a video played through VR glasses, which continues the video production concept of the show 2016 <Love Your Time>, by collecting a large number of floating and sensational virtual images, which is synthesized into a set of ridiculous information The digital media mix is transformed into a program show, trying to transform the daily TV viewing experience into a playful or spectacle-like way, allowing viewers to enter the space filled with absurd media images and sound and light effects The physical experience of "consumption" and "visual bombing" is magnified. When I made this work this time, my thinking focused more on the form of broadcasting, including venues and soundtracks. I wanted to make a video work that can be watched and carried anytime and anywhere, rather than using projection or screen presentation. In order to break through the cruel geographical restrictions.

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Liuxing Jie Leyuan 2018

     Was ist das?  

Three words: art, art, home Four words: novelty, you, internet, exhibition

Five names: Lin Tingyu, Wen Jianing, Deng Yonghan, Xie Yongcheng, Su Senhong Six younger brothers

(in order of surname)

Liuxing Jie Leiyuan流星街樂園

Liuxing Jie Leiyuan流星街樂園

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Erotic Dreams|Writing sharing project
notebooks, pen, posters


      < Erotic Dreams|Writing sharing project> Using paper and pen as a medium for communicating pornographic hobbies, thereby reflecting viewers' tastes for sexual interest, and understanding the scale of everyone's perception of pornography in art exhibitions, in This simple condensed gold question 6 will place this printed product and paper and pen in the corner of the space I exhibited, hoping to share it in a form of pure text, so that those who read this paper can share with each other.


     <Love Hot Hostel-Farewell Temporary> Use the space of eight and one half in the Department of Fine Arts in an attempt to make this space a place suitable for chatting and sharing. In addition to the sound, instead of broadcasting the live broadcast program as the main sound, the radio station can be tuned on its own. It can receive the Voice of Taipei, the Aboriginal Radio Station, the Taiwanese channel filled with CALL IN, etc. Culture and music broadcast, with the layout of the space, I hope that people who watch it can participate in and communicate with each other. This space is also equipped with < Erotic Dreams|Writing sharing project> and several adult photo books Two paintings, several red and pink lights, trying to regard participation as the most important part of this space.

藝術家溫金金 Wen Gum Gum(溫佳寧)/ works of artist Duckcrow

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