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b_baby's glory hole
Bollon Lady’s Glory Hole3.0
Ipad, wood box, posters
♦ Bollon Lady’s Glory Hole3.0
b_baby moving.gif
Bollon Lady’s Glory Hole3.0   2015-2018
Ipad, wood box, posters

     To quote "Art must be Beautiful, Artist must be Beautiful" in Marina Abramović's 1975 work "Art must be beautiful, artist must be beautiful", I want to question the adult image culture ── "A porn must be beautiful, and porn stars must be beautiful", this series is inspired by a set of A films sold on the Internet ──The content is only composed of female characters and her inflatable plastic dolls, through friction and beating Reach pleasure and climax.

     I designed a device that can be peeped by the audience. This device is a peeping box made of wooden moisture-proof box. From the hole, you can see the adult film actress who is quite exaggerated due to the bending reflection of the transparent film, causing the body shape to deform. , And because of the different viewing angles and deformation effects of different parts, I post-processed the obscene voice in the film to make the tone sound lower and downgrade the female voice to a mid-bass similar to the male. , With repeat and sustain effects. The original positioning of this film is ambiguous, and the type is more inclined to soft-spot pornography. The absence of positive characters and the orgasm of self-satisfaction with negative characters are different from the general imagination of porn "complete form". The focus is on the body of the female performer.

     The installation "Bollon Lady’s Glory Hole3.0" (2017) was demolished and reported by the public when it was displayed at Taichung City Dadun Cultural Center, pointing directly to the use of images that were too pornographic and appeared on the news press.

♦ Real-time Karaoke. 2015 
Real-time Karaoke. 2015 
laptop, television, microphone, amplifier. interactive installation
Real-time Karaoke. 2015 
laptop, television, microphone, amplifier. interactive installation
     Karaoke is one of the local leisure activities in Taiwan. Through singing, it connects people living in the local area and becomes a local unique landscape. Generally, the videos from karaoke are full of erotic ladies and drama styled romance scene that are out of touch with our daily life. If I let my current life participate in the world of karaoke, what will happen?
     The form of this piece is taken from the karaoke car that is open at night in Guandu Wharf, and the visual images in the karaoke accompaniment are replaced by local real-time images. While singing, you can also enjoy the current life landscape images, including Selfie, local scenery, people and life, and environment interweave a unique experience that belongs to the singer.
藝術家溫金金 Wen Gum Gum(溫佳寧)/ works of artist Duckcrow
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